AIDS Action Committee Dance

My Dearest Sisters,

On Friday the 21st, the Boston Sisters manifested at the Aids Action Committee’s Dance Event at the Copley Marriott.

5:30 NSrs Consuela, Ima, and Rosetta and Aspirant Lois met Jacoba and Tory from AAC, and were supplied with access to a large, semi-private restroom near the ballroom. We were grateful for the copious mirrors and light, but quite a few hotel workers use that room on a regular basis.
7:00 The Sisters were joined by Sr. Eunice, NSr Ophelia, and Post Sandra who got into face at the Mission House. After the Sister’s personal belongings were stored in a locked room behind the check in desk, the group was then led to a brief orientation on the event and given job assignments.
8:00 The Sisters were broken up into small groups and dispersed around the venue as greeters and “visual decorations” (Jacoba’s words).
approx 9:00 With the majority of guests in the event, the Sisters were relieved of their posts and allowed to mingle with the crowd, greeting guests and offering raffle tickets. Sr. Eunice communicated with Jacoba and the fund raising team about a $20 “boot to balls” or “bust line” ticket measurement in addition to the set AAC pricing structure. The Sisters dispersed around the ballroom speaking to guests and encouraging them to dance and have a good time. Much boogieing followed.
11:00 Nsrs. Rosetta and Ima left the event
11:30 Post Sandra and Asp. Lois left the event after confirming that the remaining Sisters had safe means to get back to their car/the Mission House.

Some thoughts: I think the Sisters would have been more effective if we had been selling raffle tickets earlier. The AAC volunteers had blanketed the venue before the Sisters started selling tickets and many people had purchased before already.

Respectfully submitted with much love,

Aspirant Lois Carmen Dominator


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