Rainbow World Fund

Hi Gurlz,

Last night (Saturday, March 19), I was accompanied by NSr. Ana and Post. Sandra, as well as a handsome posse comprising Seamus, Keith, Craig, and Todd, to stroll the streets of Back Bay and the South End, as well as visit The Beehive, Fritz, and Club Cafe, as well as a few other restaurants. We were incredibly well received to the tune of $550, which truly came from all aspects of our Boston society – gay and straight, male and female, all races, and all of the types of people we call our community.

We will combine this with prior penny drive takes and Sr. KrisTall and I will make our personal contribution so we can quickly send Jeff Cotter at the Rainbow World Fund $1000.

This is very important for the people we are hoping to help. And this is a completed House project. Thank you and congratulations.

Much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice

Author: Webmaster