Boston Spirit Cruise

On a gloriously sunny (NOT!), clear and blue-sky day (NOT!), Sr. Eunice, Sr. KrisTall, NSr. Rosetta, NSr. Felicia, and NSr. Sandra met at the Convent to face up and prepare for Boston Spirit Magazine’s annual benefit harbor cruise in support of Fenway Community Health Center. OK, in truth is was raining queens and kings, but somehow we got ourselves some big ol’ golfing umbrellas (spanks Rosetta!) and made our way over the Long Warf well in time to greet personally nearly every guest as they huddled against and darted through the rain. We assisted Fenway and Boston Spirit with the check-in process and got everyone into the boat, which sailed around 6:30 PM for a two hour tour around the Boston harbor. We were also joined by NSr. Teresa, who was formally tasked with Boston Spirit as their photographer aid.

During the cruise, we busted our @$$e$, working from sailing to docking selling raffle tickets to the more than 300 of the 550 guests who came also to support Fenway, despite the weather. Those generous souls put out just short of $1700 in cash, mostly $20 bills, for the privilege or torture (your call) of having a Nun on her knees measuring their inseam with raffle ticket rolls, wrapping their big busts with same, or just making them into a raffle ticket mummy (the $60 treatment, which 3 guests opted for).

We added brightness and light to an otherwise dreary day, and so many people who now recognize us smiled widely and accepted hugs and kisses as they declared “Hi Sisters!”. I know we touched these people (on the inside, please!), and that we also brought significant additional revenue in for Fenway on behalf of Boston Spirit Magazine – which they could not have done so effectively otherwise.

Much thanks to all,


Author: Webmaster