Mr New England Rubber Send-Off Party

Dear Sisters,

The Boston Sisters were invited to be of service to Rich Nordin, NE Mr. Rubber to help him build up his travel fund with an event held at Ramrod. Sr. KTM, and NSr’s Sandra and Pure El manifested at the convent at 8:30 while your humble point-nun got ready at home. A sudden and severe rainstorm call Teresa into action and she picked up the girls in her vehicle at 10:30. (Why am I writing in the 3rd person?)

Upon arriving at Ramrod, it was quickly discovered that evening was very loosely organized and the Sisters played it by ear. After a bit of finagling, KTM, Sandra, and Pure pulled together a 50/50 raffle that raised $222 with a $111 split. I was pulled into organizing the evening’s entertainment – lube wrestling and a live auction. It was my first time on the mic and while I think it went OK, I am totally open for any feedback and notes. The auction portion raised (approximately) an additional $225. Porn star Bobby Knight was on-hand to assist with mic duties towards the end of the evening and coached me on where to stand to avoid any flying lube. KTM and Sandra departed at approximately 12:45 (?), with Teresa staying until 1:15, and Pure staying with husband and friends until a later time.

I had a very nice conversation with a young man who was friends with both Rich and the crowd of young, gay, deaf men who were in attendance. We discussed his interest in becoming a Sister and I gave him our card mentioning that we would put him in touch with SEX for any additional questions.

Novice Sister Teresa Solution

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