CBC Bake Sale

Dear All,

Esther joined Yonica at Cranston Abbey to manifest for a bake sale at Cambridge Brewing Company. From there Esther kindly drove and the two set to work setting up the bake sale, receiving baked goods and pricing them. The night continued with selling baked goods and talking with patrons, with excellent impromptu secular help from May, Aria, and Teresa (who helped sell during photo opps and mingling). Through combined efforts, the sisters raised 560 dollars. The event (which included a raffle), after costs, overall raised 2500 dollars for BAGLY, exceeding the projected goal of $1600. Unsold baked goods were packed up and transported by point of contact Adriano to BAGLY. Waste not; want not!

Great group, and much talk of helping next year, next event. 10/10 would recommend.

Esther and Yonica demanifested at CBC to enjoy a secular post-drink, then returned home seperately.

Author: Webmaster