OPEN- An LGBTQ Networking Event

Dear Sisters and Supporters:

Monday evening, June 5, 2017, I was joined by Nv.Sr. Esther O. Gen at Worcester Wimple Wonderland to manifest in preparation for a ministry of presence at OPEN—an LGBTQ networking event hosted by the Big Night Entertainment Group. We arrived at the event via uber with Sister Supporter Jerome. Shortly thereafter, we were joined by Sister Eunice X (FPM Sponsor) and Sister Teresa Glass.
During OPEN, several organizations that provide resources and support to the community were provided with tables to discuss their offerings with attendees. Last night’s organizations included Boston Pride, North Shore Pride, Family Equality Council, Harbor To The Bay, MA Adoption Resource Exchange, The History Project, The Rainbow Times, The LOCS Collective and Freedom Massachusetts.
While waiting on Srs. Eunice and Teresa to arrive, Nv.Sr. Esther and I checked in with our event host, Jarrett Hanley, Sales Manager of Big Night Entertainment Group. After which, we familiarized ourselves with the many organizations present and encouraged several to explore grants with the House.
During the event the Sisters were met with many smiles, picture, requests, and thanks. The director of the History Project invited the Order to participate in five minutes of remarks describing the order and its role in our community at an end of Pride month celebration (more to follow). In addition, Nv.Sr. Esther connected Sister Eunice with lead for the MA Adoption Resource Exchange for a potential Sister Santa collaboration. And, Sister Teresa began working on potential event opportunities with the Lesbians of Color. Additionally, I engaged North Shore Pride President, Hope Watt-Bucci regarding deeper House support of the organization’s efforts throughout the year.
While mingling with event attendees, Eunice and I met a lovely woman named Tiffany, who expressed interest in learning more about, and possibly joining, the House. Eunice provided Tiffany with her contact information. And we look forward to connecting again with this kind soul. 
At the end of the event, the Sisters were joined by Sister Supporters Jerome, David, and Tom for dinner at Club Cafe. Where we fellowshipped with patrons supporting bingo as well as the Bagly Heels for Hope fundraiser, and secular Postulant Harrie Magdalene. 
All Sisters arrived home happy, healthy, and content with the new opportunities for collaboration this event offered the House.
Yours in love and light, 
Nv.Sr. Hellen Damnation

Author: Webmaster