Feeling Our Pulse Vigil

Greetings Sisters and Supporters,


On Monday June 12 Point Novice Esther O. Gen was joined at the Estherway to Heaven by Novice Sister May Flower for manifestation. The duo converged on the Boston Center for the Arts for an on time arrival at Feeling Our Pulse: A Vigil of Love and Kindness, put on by The Theater Offensive. The group had a quick conversation with the organizers and then greeted guests as they arrived at the event.


After the introduction of the event, the Sisters were invited to say a few words. The group came forwards as Sister Teresa Glass addressed the audience. Teresa shared a powerful personal reflection of her own feelings and reactions to the news of the attack. From this reflection, she moved to speak about why it is so important that we in Boston remember the victims and what LGBT* individuals go through in other parts of the country and world.


After Teresa finished, Neon Calypso performed “Proud”. This was followed by the reading of several emotional narratives and short stories written following the attack last year. Neon returned to deliver an inspiring lip sync to “Beautiful”. The Theater Offensive then read the names and stories of each of the 49 victims. They then concluded with a final story that ended with an invitation to the audience to come and dance. The Sisters joined the dancing briefly before thanking The Theater Offensive for the beautiful event. The group then departed the space to join the other Sisters at Club Café for Sister Bingo, dinner, and some healing time with beloved sisters, friends, and community.


Many thanks to The Theater Offensive for giving the community this space and to Ivy Maiorino for the attached photographs.


Yours in love and eyeliner,


Novice Sister Esther O. Gen

Author: Webmaster