SWEAT – August

On the evening of Friday August 16th, Novice Guard Isaiah Prayer met Sister Lida Christ and Aspirant David in Savin hill in preparation for Sweat, hosted by Dusty Moorehead-Malleti.
After ordering a ride share, we arrived to a full house of fabulous kinksters enjoying their evening. Pups were given skritches and belly rubs, harnesses were admired, and blessings and wishes for a fun evening were abundantly and joyfully given.
Soon after we began selling raffle tickets. Dusty was running a 50/50 raffle with Sister Santa being the beneficiary. We sold many tickets and even measured some inseams.
Towards the end of the night, Sister Lida called the winning number. The gracious winner donated their prize back to the sisters. How amazing!!! In all we raised $235 for sister Santa. That should make for some very happy elves this Christmas.
After the drawing, we headed back to Savin Hill to demanifest and snap a quick photo. In all a fun evening.
Yours in prayer,

Author: May