Club Tropicaliente/Penny Drive

Greetings Lovely Sisters!

Last night (Friday, 8 April, 2011), I was joined by Sr. KrisTall Mighty, NSr. Ophelia Titzhoff, NSr. Imogen Demira, NSr. Rosetta Stone, Post. Sandra Music, and Post. Lois Carmen Dominator for Club Tropicaliente, a benefit for The Hurly School, a public charter school for bilingual education in Boston.

We faced up fast after work and arrived on scene, manifested and ready to rock, by 6:00 PM. By 7:00 PM the doors were flung open wide to a bright eyed, fast-moving, mega-generous crowed of Hurley School parents, teachers, and supporters. The place rocked to live Latin jazz as we and other volunteers did meet and greet, food tray mingling, bongo-bag sales, and just good flirting fun with all the husbands and wives (go KrisTall!).

We were quite enthusiastically embraced by the crowd, and I am grateful to say this is a major milestone in our quest to be servants to our entire Community, and not to be restricted in any way to a limited subset or tradition. Thank you Hurley school, thank you Boston, thank you my fellow Boston Sisters of the Convent of the Commonwealth.

Blessed be!

Sr. Eunice X

Last night, Sr. Eunice and Post. Sandra Musique did a fast penny drive near closing time last night and raised another $110 for School One in Providence, RI. $400 more to go for our $1000 scholarship grant goal.

Much love,

Sr. Eunice

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