Race for the Tiara 2011

Hi Folks,

Just a note about our participation in the BAGLY fundraiser Race for
the Tierra, an amature drag show. I was joined by Sr. KrisTall, NSr.
Rosetta, NSr Imogen, NSr. Dearest, NSr. Ophelia, NSr. Ima, Post. Sandra, and Asp. Lois
to support the event by greeting folks and creating atmosphere.

We passed out around 300 safer sex packs that included a promo for
Fenway Community Health’s Men’s Event. Afterwards, several us headed over
to Club Cafe to help NSr. Consuela celebrate the success of the BAGLY event,
and also to continue our condom ministry.



It was so wonderful to manifest with all of you last night..
though my favorite part was going to Tasty Burger afterwards. Dearest,
Rosetta and I did some hands on ministry with tables full of straight
people.. including an awesome waitress, and a woman who was intrigued by
what we do and the “no guilt, no shame” motto – saying she “could use a
little more of that in her life..” A bunch of people took our cards.. let’s
hope they turn up on Facebook.. or the pictures do. 😉

*~Novice Sister Ima Miracle*


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