Taste of the South End 2011

Great event.
There were 4 of us-SEX, KTM, Rosie and myself

We sold heaps of raffle tix and raised $1600. Ate way too much and for the first time, Consuela couldn’t eat another morsel.

A few went to Beehive after.

Great time!


Respectfully added to the recap:

Rebecca Haag, the Exec Director, expressed her personal thank you’s for our attendance.

Marc Davino, Development Director @ the Boston Living Center, who was also attending AAC’s event, crossed the room to say hello.

One of the couples to whom we awarded tickets to TotSE for best costume @ AAC’s dance event were sought out and time spent in conversation.

I talked to two people who expressed interest in being a nun, one of which had some initial reservations since he’s not an “outgoing” person–made this nun silently giggle, since he was a volunteer in the VIP room that was interacting with patrons, as well as approached us.

We were well rec’d by the vendors, and Gordon Hamersley (yes, that Hamersley) traded barbs after his initial “whoa” in the men’s room meeting Consuela and I manifesting. Door opened to possible venue…

Eunice and I had two opportunities for partnerships arise–interestingly, both from the visual arts world. The first was Arlette Kayafas, owner/operator of Gallery Kayafas http://gallerykayafas.com/ who raised the subject of having her space available as a venue. We will be able to keep the lines of communication open, since we took out picture with Arlette and her guest with my camera, requiring the step to email the picture to Arlette.

The other opportunity directly arose directly with Eunice @ the Beehive with an Assistant Curators @ the MFA who expressed that there was likely a role for the Boston Sisters to play @ some upcoming event, When I raised the subject of another Assistant Curator who also expressed awareness and interest in the sisters’ mission (this being another possible sister I had mentioned before), and he was wondering what the museum could possibly due. I plainly stated to the AC we were talking to that even if we couldn’t do an event together, getting museum passes or some other entry to a museum event would be terrific prizes for the Boston Sisters to be able to give away @ our own event. She felt that the AC I had mentioned, Al Miner, will likely be a good contact, as he is in Contemporary Arts, while she was European Arts. Contact will continue to be fostered @ the MFA. http://abminer.com/home.html http://www.tbd.com/blogs/tbd-arts/2010/08/hirshhorn-s-al-miner-heads-to-boston-s-museum-of-fine-art-324.html

After the Beehive, drove KTM and SEX back to the Convent.

p.s.–Please go on record that Consuela actually expressed more than once that she was full and had eaten enough. There is proof that Consuela actually has a capacity limit.

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