Dirty Little Secrets – A lost Golden Girls Episode, Club Cafe

On a wet and windy Saturday, Sister Harrie Magdalene joined Sister Heidi Sins at 4 PM for communal facing in DOT. Novice Sister Bee Big dropped by too to examine a constructed bra wimple, and for some make-up tips and pointers.

Novice Sister Bee Big graciously delivered the 2 Sisters to Club Café for an on-time arrival at 7 PM.  After a few (3!!) nail malfunctions (ugh!) and smeared white face (rain and wind is not a face’s friend) – both suffered by Heidi, the Sister met up with the show’s Writer, Producer, Director, and huge Sister Fan, Michael Gaucher. We mingled with the crowd, welcomed and thanked them for (unknowingly at that point) supporting the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Grants Fund (via ticket sales), a shoe fitting for a guest (I do not understand why 7″ heels are perceived to be so intimidating?!), and a glorious and effusive chat with one of the North Shore Pride Committee Members.

As show time approached, Sister Harrie escorted Sister Heidi on to the stage for a quick thank you, a few general pointers on SPI, an explanation of the Grants Fund and “break a leg” wishes to the generous cast and crew.

The show commenced with the whole audience singing the Golden Girls theme song. Scene changes were accompanied by 80’s advertisements – these were all “new” to Heidi! Overall a very entertaining and hilarious show!

Post-show, Heidi and Harrie joined the cast for some pictures with the audience members, some further conversations about the SPI Organization, and some Grant’s Fund specifics.

Michael informed Heidi (post-event) that we can be expecting a check for $500 for the Grants Fund. A huge thank you to the cast and crew of “Dirty Little Secrets – A lost Golden Girls Episode” for their generosity!

We stayed around for a while after the show ended (joined by Postulant Isaiah Prayer), admiring the amazing Halloween costumes that were on display, and had some great conversations (Ministry of Presence) with a few of the revelers. Postulant Isaiah also (even not manifested) had the opportunity to talk about his process to date and very eloquently explained the Guard Role within our organization – Heidi was super impressed!!

At around midnight, Heidi and Harrie retired back to DOT, demanifested and hung out for a while.

A glorious night was had by all!

Thank you,

Heidi xoxoxo

Author: May