Drag on Fire

Greetings Sisters and Supporters,

On Saturday October 20, 2018 Sisters Esther O. Gen and Lida Christ convened on Boston University to meet Harrie Magdalene for the second annual Drag on Fire fundraiser for Youth on Fire, hosted by BU students. After briefly meeting with the organizers and preparing for the evening, the Sisters joined the growing crowd in the Metcalfe ballroom to sell raffle tickets for various prize baskets, including the opportunity to be put into ‘quick drag’ by the Sisters and perform in the second half of the show. During this time, there were also many wonderful interactions with patrons. Some were attending for the second year. For others, this would be their first drag show ever!
And what a show it was! After brief introductions by the organizers, the performances began. The show featured numbers by each of the Sisters in attendance, Mx. Cherri V Coke, Stella Elektra, Severity Stone, and Bruiser. Partway through the first half, the raffle for quick drag was called and Lida met with the lucky winner while Harrie and Esther kept the show moving upstairs. After the first half of the show, Harrie and Esther sold final rounds of raffle tickets before Esther joined Lida to complete the transformation. Meanwhile, Harrie ran the show upstairs and began calling raffle winners. At long last, the transformation was complete. The cocoon fell away and Lida’s beautiful creation – Angiosperm – stepped onto the stage and proceeded to put on a wonderful show to Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me from Rocky Horror Picture Show. After a few more performances and raffle drawings, the show was complete. The Sisters thanked guests for attending and took pictures with the organizers as well as a group who came representing Youth on Fire.
After pictures, the Sisters joined the organizers and other performers in the dressing area to assist Angiosperm in undoing the transformation and gather all supplies. After a final check in and farewell, the group departed with spirits lifted and hearts filled with joy.
Yours in sequins and glitter,

Sister Esther O. Gen

Author: May