LGBT Pride Coalition Senior Dance

Good Morning Dear Sisters,

On Sunday, April 8, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at The Convent for Communal Facing by Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Sandra Musique, and Frieda B. Fabulous, in addition to Novice Sister Tori d’Affair and Postulant Decoda Apple.

We arrived on time at 3:00 PM at the Holiday Inn Brookline and were greeted with applause as we descended the stairs to the ballroom area. Our first order of business was photography and interviews with the Rainbow Times:

We visited with the many guests, did some dancing to awesome disco and oldies, and sold raffle tickets like crazy. We came in with approximately $700 in raffle sales and donations.

We then performed a live auction for a Sister make-over. The lovely winner, Sister-For-A-Day Ella Gant, was so gracious and absolutely thrilled. Originally, a sweet younger man named Daniel won the prize for $100, but he donated it to Ella (the second place bidder) rather than be faced up himself. Ella also donated an additional $40, bringing our total for the afternoon to just around $850.

But the purpose of this event is not to raise money. It’s to raise hearts and spirits, and that it does! And that we did!

We departed for The Convent just after 7:00 PM, once we had said goodnight to all of the departing guests. And there was much rejoicing.

Much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice X

Author: Webmaster