Funny Little Heart Breaks

May 20, 2017 –
Funny Little Heartbreaks, On May 20th at 5:30pm at Club Café. Sr. Lida Christ, FPNs Grace A’Gawd, Yonica Phallico, Novice Heidi Sins, and Postulant Angieo Plasty met up at the club cafe.   The sisters where assigned duties by Sr. Lida. Angieo was paired with Sr. Yonica to cover the door and take in ticket sales and help determine where the monies were going. It was a wonderful evening with fabulous entertainment provided by Nadav Wiesel. I believe that the event raised $860 for the riders and the general fund. Grace and Heidi helped seat guests as they arrived.   Lida took care of sound check, stage managment, and placed seating cards with the aid of Club Cafe staff.
Following the end of Nadav’s performance, we were asked to clear theroom so the next act could set up for the 9PM show. We thanked people for coming and giving their support as they were leaving. Everyone seemed to be happy about the evening, and spirits were high. We took some group pictures outside of the club with Nadav just before we all dispersed.

Many sisters then headed to Salon 261

You are the Light of the world!

Lida (Lighta) Christ

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