Military Ball

On Sunday, 28May17, Point Nun Hil Billy (Guard Ian Knight’s Altered Ego) was joined by Sister Rosetta Stone for communal manifestation with Novice Sisters Aria Inyette and May Flower at the House of Youth and Asia.  Sister Rosetta drove the four of us in the Pottery Wagon over to the Royale.  The four Sisters arrived about 5 mins early for the manifestation of presence and made friendly chit chat with other punctual member of the community while they waited for the opening.

Once the event was opened the Sisters checked in at the ticket booth (many many thanks to Chris Harris and Rafael Sanchez for putting our organization on the guest list) and made their way up to the ballroom.
With some help from the Sisters, who were unafraid to dance by themselves, and libations slung by Mizery on the bar the community eventually filled the dance space and really cut a rug.  Many other drag queens chipped in for the event (see the attached picture with Dusty Moorehead for an example of our exploits with them).
Near the end of the night the Sisters all climbed back into the Pottery Wagon and Sister Rosetta drove the gaggle back to the House of Youth and Asia to demanifest.

Guard Ian Knight

Master of Saints
The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

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