Get Your Heart On

Good Afternoon!

Let us all praise Novice Sister Rosetta for taking the time and exercising the determination to step up and be our first event Point Nun in action. Joined by Sr. KrisTall, NSr. Ana, NSr. Burly, NSr. Busta, and myself, Rosetta lead us through Ramrod/Machine, The Alley, and Club Cafe. Each venue had a different clientele, but in all cases we were well received.

At The Alley, we held a fast 50/50 raffle to raise funds for the Boston Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project. When the adorable winner donated back his cut of the pot, we landed just over $300 for the charity. Praise be for zero-overhead events!

More more more! We are moving now. Please don’t hesitate to bring your own ideas forward for both daytime and evening manifestations, and also be on the lookout for additional good souls who may feel the calling to become a Nun.

Much love and respect,

Sister Eunice


Just a few thoughts from last nite.

Really enjoyed the time where we could stop and talk about the “vision” for last nite. Thank you all for the feedback, the cross discussion and the like. Also I am humbled that my informal raffle designed to get our toes damp was changed to the first formal fundraiser for the Convent.

We collected $324 for the Gay Mens Domestic Violence Project. All the Sisters worked so hard in such a short time @ the Alley to get these numbers going up and up. You nuns teamed up and worked the room.

Thank you to:

N.Sr. Burly Gaits for the hairspraying of the face trick, and that tiresome, but important, job of tearing up the tickets, as well as the peace and serenity you seem to carry–I’m in awe.

N.Sr. Busta Knutt for being the smiling face that I personally need to see, since I can frown so readily. You have a verve that will go far for you as a sister, and it’s something I don’t have . Also, giving me the space to joke about your two dads , who you must know by now I care for so dearly.

N.Sr. Ana de Cros for the red paint and glitter, being the helping hand counting and verifying the $ over and over and over for this neurotic nun. Although we’ve known each for a number of years, somehow last nite your direct support of me was a warming and connecting experience for me.

Sr. KrysTall Mighty for being a guiding force and my, at times, greek chorus. Also for those fashion and sewing questions you focused on me to answer. That kind of trust and reliance you displayed towards me made me proud to be in the order.

Sr. Eunice X for your direction, treating me as a peer in my first fundraiser. Your trust and respect was very flattering. Also, for that grace and connection with the public you display that bring me the most enjoyment in my training with you and Sr KrysTall. Lastly, for putting up with the Sister Sirius Radio and Sister Mary Cell Phone Tower jokes from me–sometimes that mouth of mine–oy.

N.Sr. Ima Miracle and N.Sr. Consuela Canswallow for being there in spirit. Before we left the Commonwealth Convent, you both were invoked and carried with us for the night.



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