Online Buddies Christmas Party

Tonight was a great night for both the Sisters and the staff and friends of Online Buddies.

4:00pm Consuela arrived at Sandra’s house to manifest.
5:30pm Lois arrived at the Convent to manifest with Kris Tall.

7:00pm Consuela and Sandra arrived at the Convent to pick up Lois and Kris Tall. Consuela graciously agreed to drive the Sisters to Brookline for the event.

7:30pm The Sisters arrived at the OLB Holiday party.

8:00pm We took pictures for 30 minutes for OLB in various poses.

8:30pm – 11:00pm We entertained the guests and made new friends

11:00pm We headed back to the Convent where everyone went back home.

Many people told me how much they loved the Sisters and were so glad we could make it. Adam, the CEO, told me he hopes we come back next year. Jonathan, one of the owners and the host of the event really enjoyed our presence since he has a history with the Sisters in Palm Springs. I was so pleased with this event and hope this is just the beginning of a great relationship with OLB. Hopefully we can count on them for donations when we do our own events.



Author: Webmaster