We are so excited to announce Hot Stuff!!

Did you know the show is going to be on TWITCH? and the dance party will be on zoom?

For the best experience open two windows on your computer, or stream the show to one device and dance with us on another!

Here is all the info you need to have fun with us on the 29th at 1pm EST



Meeting ID: 965 5763 4542

Passcode: 686565

As the summer begins to wind down on August the 29th, your Boston Sisters, their talented friends and guests are serving you a one day Tea Dance Festival. This is a free digital festival to help celebrate, acknowledge and grant money to those in our community who are doing great works! Your Sisters ask that if you are moved and able to make a donation, there will be ample opportunity to do so throughout the performance where all funds will be directed towards our community grants fund.

In addition to donating…. Sisters will be selecting at random 3 winners from those who donate to win:

100$ towards hair styling and a treatment with Shannon Guitdotti
100$ to a local Restaurant
25$ to a local coffee house


Poster by: Bren Denommee

Author: Aria Inyette