MBC Adopt a Bear Contest!

The Sisters are saddened that the traditional Mr. Boston Bear/Cub Competition has been suspended this year but are beyond excited to help support the Mass Bears and Cubs (MBC) in their efforts to raise funds to support local zoos and 501(c) 3 organizations here in MA! See below:

As an alternative to our traditional Mr. Boston Bear/Cub Competition (suspended this year due to Coronavirus restrictions), we seek your assistance in choosing a real-life bear for MBC to adopt/sponsor over the next year. We have selected a number of different types of bears residing at national zoos for your consideration. Starting Thursday, October 1st, we will be introducing the bear species individually, highlighting some of their traits, and linking to a webcam feed provided by the zoo whose bear we are considering adopting. We will also be providing information on how you can vote for your favorite bear… will it be the Giant Panda, the Red Panda, Polar Bear, Koala, Black Bear, Grizzly, or Sun Bear?

How do I vote for my favorite bear? You may already have a favorite bear, so you do not need to wait for all the bears to be introduced before voting. Vote for more than one type of bear if you desire, and you can vote as many times as you would like. The polls open Thursday, October 1st.

Voting will be via Eventbrite. For each $5 donation, you will receive one ticket/vote. On Eventbrite, there will be a selection of tickets which you can choose from, one for each type of bear. Once you vote, your vote is cast and cannot be changed, so choose wisely! However, you can decide to vote for another bear by purchasing a second ticket/vote (you can vote as many times as you’d like by purchasing additional tickets/votes). Decide which bear is your favorite, select the appropriate ticket/vote, check out, and your vote has been cast… it’s easy to support a bear!

Support a bear and assist your local community at the same time: A small donation made when casting a vote for your favorite bear in Our Support A Bear event will allow MBC to support/adopt a real-life bear at a national zoo. Additional funds raised during this event will be earmarked to jointly benefit Mass Bears and Cubs, Inc., and another local community organization, BAGLY, both 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations


Here’s the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mass-bears-and-cubs-adopt-a-bear-contest-tickets-123076213267

Author: Aria Inyette