It Gets Better/Bar Ministry

On Saturday, January 8, Ima, Consuela, Sandra and Lois manifested at Sandra’s at 6pm, with plenty of hooch and vittles for us hungry nuns (thanks Sandra…..from Consuela’s vacuous stomach).

The four us shot our “Trevor Project” videos with the camera that Lois picked up from KTM-thanks Sistahs.

We hit dBar, Club Cafe and were joined by KTM and SEX for awhile and then headed to Fritz.

As always, we were welcomed warmly, had some great interactions with different folks, were recognized by a couple folks as the Boston Sisters but others at least knew of the west coast Sisters. Many thought we were going to a costume party, and I was impressed with the way Lois and Sandra explained ourselves. Well done for new Aspirants!

Good venues to hit and well worth the effort.

Lessons learned:

We need business cards with Facebook and Website address with us at all times.
Name tags add to the cohesion
A uniform of some sort would also add to the cohesion. It begs the issue of garb worn by
Aspirants and Postulants that we should discuss at the next meeting.
Food should be supplied every thirty minutes, as Consuela gets REALLY bitchy when she’s hungry and makes poor choices!

A fun night out for all of us!



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