King Richard’s Faire

Dear Sisters, Esteemed Guard, Supporters, and Friends;


On a dreary and wet Saturday (09/30/2017) morning in Dorchester, Sister Heidi Sins was joined for manifestation by Sister Grace A’Gawd, Sister Teresa Glass and Saint Meg-a-Pixel to prepare for a fun day out at King Richard’s Faire (KRF) located in Carver, MA.  We experienced a slightly delayed departure of 9:20 AM, and thanks to the lead foot of Heidi’s husband we were in time to see the Queen Mum (aka NvSr. Angie O’Plasty) kick off the events (with the rest of the cast at KRF) at about 10:15 AM, where we met up with Sister Hellen Damnation (sporting Mish Face, and in a befitting black kilt) with “consort”, Jerome.  Many of the guests were dressed up in theme for the event – Knights in Shining Armor, Damsels in Distress, Fairies, Pixies, a Fawn, etc., so we were by far not the only ones looking “different”!  We had some great interactions, and were afforded the opportunity to deliver a few elevator speeches throughout the course of the day.


Once we entered the “Faire” ground we bowed and curtsied frantically at all the Royalty present, and Saint Meg took some amazing photos. Srs. Grace and Teresa arrived slightly after the opening events, and joined us within the confines of the grounds.


Shortly after meeting some of the cast members, we embarked on a day filled with shows and other entertainment, starting with the hilarious “Washing Wenches”, followed by the First Joust (where Sr. Teresa got her just deserved, and ended up in the Stocks – on second thought, we should have left her there!) This was followed by the very flexible and athletic silk trapeze exhibit of the ladies of “Draiku” (thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to access to the Faire by donating 8 of the complimentary tickets used!)


We then attended Act 1 of the Musical Show – very familiar tunes, accompanied by very tongue in cheek lyrics!


After a quick lunch, graciously accompanied by the Queen Mum herself, we went about the multiple shopping and artist offerings, and dropped by to say hello and give regards to Cindy (one of the Pottery Artists, and a close friend of our Abbess).  Sister Grace, who was getting ready for her birthday the next day, left soon after, to start with some well-deserved pampering (after the cast sang her a “short” birthday song… twice!) A few moments later, we were joined by Novice Sisters Aria Inyette and May Flower for the rest of the days’ festivities.


A quick drop by at the 2nd Joust, and then we headed over to part 2 (finale) of the Musical Show, and then the main attraction for the day – the Highland Kilts contest.  Sister Heidi was asked to be one of the “celebrity” judges, accompanied by a reporter from the Boston Globe, and a TV personality from a local TV station. A very apt and touching introduction was made, explaining the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the audience, by the Master of Ceremonies which was met by roaring applause.  Some very cute boys partook in the contest and the overall winner, Jeffrey – a huge fan of the Sisters – walked away with the blue ribbon and a $309 cash prize (the 3 finalists were handed a generic sporran each, which they had to fill with as much donations from the audience as possible – this was part of the final prize awarded).  After the conclusion of the event Jeffrey and his husband posed for pictures with some of the Sisters – he was so overjoyed at being the 36th Highland Hunk!


Following a few more pictures and general interactions with the public, Sisters Teresa and Heidi, accompanied by David and Saint Meg, hopped into the car to make the trip back to Boston.  Novice Sisters Aria and May stayed around for a while longer to enjoy some more of the shopping and dining offerings.


En route, back to Dorchester, hunger pains started gnawing, so we  stopped for a bite to eat at the lovely DBar in Dorchester, prior to all heading home for defacing and rest after a long fun-filled day.


We had an amazing day, and were blessed by cool and dry weather.  We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Cast, Management and, especially, the Queen Mum and the Ladies of “Draiku” for inviting us to attend KRF, and enjoy an AMAZING time.


Much gratitude!

Sister Heidi Sins xoxoxo


Author: Webmaster