Sister Santa Returns!


The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are excited to announce that we are working with the community again this year to provide gifts to the less fortunate children who are being cared for by the Department of Children and Families [DCF] and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For the sixth annual Sister Santa Holiday Drive, we will be asking you and any of your coworkers, friends, family members, neighbors, strangers, and, well, anyone to donate what they can or to sponsor multiple children. We are looking to raise $50-$70 per child. Each child receives toys and clothing, a personalized, decorated stuffed stocking, and a personalized Christmas card. We will need help raising money, shopping for the gifts, wrapping the gifts, decorating the stockings, and delivering everything to the different DCF offices throughout the Commonwealth.


The options are simple and as follows:

1 – Come to Club Café [209 Columbus Ave] on Monday, December 11th from 7pm – 11pm and have fun playing adult-themed Sister Bingo with special co-host Mizery. If you bring a toy or a roll of wrapping paper, you will get complimentary Sister Bingo cards. We will have all the great Sister Bingo prizes we normally provide.

2 – Click the Boston Sisters’ “Donate” link on the top left menu of this page. Please indicate “Sister Santa” on the donation form. It’s at least $50 per child [ie, 5 children for $250 – 10 children for $500 – 100 children for $5,000, etc.] and we will do all the shopping and wrapping. Of course, even small donations add up, so don’t feel obligated to give at intervals of $50.

3 – Checks can be made out to “The Boston Sisters Convent of the Commonwealth” and then mailed to:

The Sister Santa Fund
c/o The Boston Sisters, Convent of the Commonwealth
261 Commonwealth Avenue, Unit 7
Boston, MA 02116

4 – Plan to join us for a day of shopping. The dates this year is still to be decided, but we will announce it on Facebook as soon as we know. We will also add it to our Calendar, which can be found here. This allows us time to raise as many resources as we can and the time allows us to personalize and wrap all gifts in preparation to deliver the wrapped gifts to the social workers and agencies in plenty of time for delivery before Christmas.

5 – Join us for wrapping, decorating, and packing for delivery. FUN AND REWARDING. We need anyone and everyone. If you have an artistic flair, join us for wrapping the presents. Those with a knack for detail and organization, we can use you to help ensure tracking of all gifts for delivery to the correct recipients. The date this year is still to be decided, but we will announce it on Facebook as soon as we know. We will also add it to our Calendar, which can be found here. This event will take place in the Back Bay area of Boston.

6 – If you see us out on the streets or in the bars in Boston or Provincetown, come up and say hello and, if you can, give us a donation! We will be holding several Bucket Drives* this month to raise as much money we can to make sure as many children as possible have a truly magical Christmas.

*Bucket Drive – Sisters walking the streets and visiting bars carrying buckets asking for any spare change, nickels, pennies, quarters, dollars, dinars, euros, unused ITunes credits, rollover minutes, lint from your back pockets, mints, gum, whatever you may have. We take all we can and convert it to love and gifts for the kids.

The Sister Santa Fund is donating all proceeds and presents to the DCF KIDS FUND, INC., a recognized 501(c)(3) organization.

If you wish to learn more about the DCF Kids Fund, Inc. please visit and/or if you wish to make a financial donation directly to “DCF Kids Fund, Inc.”, mail your checks to the attention of:

DCF Kids Fund Inc.
600 Washington Street, Floor 6
Boston, MA 02111

Author: Webmaster