MassBearz Cruise

On 6/8, Sr Rosetta Stone, NSr Lida Christ, NSr Luvinya Always, and Altered Boy Sam, met up at the Treehouse in Arlington, to manifest.

We arrived at the Baystate Cruise Company a little earlier than expected, which gave us some time to greet the Bears going on the cruise as they were arriving.

Once the harbor cruise was underway, we met with members of the Massbearz committee who supplied us with light-up gummi-bear keychains that we were to exchange for donations. The funds raised by the Massbearz were to be donated to an anti-bullying campaign.

With keychains in hand please spread around the boat bringing our message of joy and a plethora of brightly colored gummi-bears.  One of the members of the Massbearz stayed with us, as he acted as the backup for inventory, as well as the treasury.   We continue to push the keychains, until our Massbearz committee member announced that we had done very well, and that we would be able to now enjoy ourselves on the cruise.

Switching gears, we turned our efforts into a ministry of presence. There were quite a number of opportunities to discuss the sisters and the mission in general. We also joined the crowd for some dancing and learned that the cruise company extended the cruise by an additional half an hour.

Members of the Massbearz committee expressed excitement and gratefulness for us to have been involved, as well as expressed a desire to invite us back for the 2015 cruise.

Author: Webmaster