Mass Bears and Cubs Harbor Cruise

On Sunday 6/4/17, Sr Rosetta traveled to the Worcester Wimple Wonderland, to manifest with NSr Hellen.  They were joined by NSr’s May Flower and Aria Inyette.

After enjoying watching the soccer players gamboling across from the WWW, all four sisters, and friend Jerome, headed to the Seaport District, where we joined with Guard Ian, Sr’s Shiny, Lida, Yonica, and Postulant Harrie Magdalene.

The Sisters boarded the cruise boat, and split up between meeting and greeting the patrons as they arrived, and talking to the event organizers along with those patrons already on board.

Soon after getting underway, we split up into three teams of three, and dove into the crowds to sell raffle tickets.  The raffle was a 50/50, with the funds benefitting Boston vs Bullies, the local anti-bullying campaign that is conducted in schools, and administered by the Boston Sports Museum.  Three teams were effective in selling up to $675.00 in about one hour.  We set a goal to reach $700 in raffle tickets sold, which was also quickly met (thank you Lida and Hellen for captivating patrons as they walked by), and surpassed, achieving a total of $780.00 sold.

Saint Bearz Beads was onboard, selling his bead necklaces to help raise funds for the group, and graciously gave away necklaces to the Sisters.

The raffle was pulled for the resulting prize of $390, won on the first ticket pull (!) by Dave.  Dave later donated $100 back to Sr Shiny,  to be added to the proceeds going to the beneficiary.   The Sisters spent the remainder of the cruise interacting and dancing with the patrons (there’s no truth to the rumor that Aria set up “shop” somewhere on the lower stern).  Once the boat returned to dock, the Sisters spent their time thanking the patrons (and crew!) as they departed to their respective dens or bear-eoke at The Alley Bar.  Afterwards the Sisters got themselves back to their home grottoes and all was happy and glad across the land.

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