MassBearz Harbor Cruise


On Sunday, while there were Sisters finishing up our manifestation at the AIDS Walk, Sister Rosetta Stone joined Sister Tori D’Affair at the “Wolf Den” in Jamaica Plain to manifest for the MassBearz Harbor Cruise.

After manifesting, Tori and Rosetta headed over to The Convent to join up with Sister Lida Christ and Postulant Devin, who held back at The Convent while the remaining Nuns went over to the Senior Pride Coalition Pride Dance.

The role of The Sisters on the cruise was to help sell raffle tickets, as well as build up the enjoyment of the participants on board.

We arrived in the Seaport District a little early for our report time, and made our way down the pier. T.C., the MassBearz treasurer, introduced himself and provided The Sisters with a supply of raffle tickets and confirmed with The Sisters that he would be the resource to pick up funds during the raffle.

While we were waiting for the boat to depart, Lida skillfully finagled some change from the bartenders so we could have a starting bank of 5’s and 10’s. We casually sold tickets here and there until the official announcement was made about the raffle. Once the boat departed, we sold tickets in earnest, accomplishing many inseams. Rosetta showed Devin the effectiveness of an inseam measurement when the participant was wearing baggy shorts. One participant wearing running pants dropped trousers so he would have a better measurement opportunity.

Rosetta had a wardrobe malfunction in that the wimple being worn was being traitorous and kept slipping to the point that one set of flower appliques came loose. Fortunately, a long-time secular friend of Rosetta’s who had just moved back from Los Angeles offered his sunglasses so to conceal Rosie’s embarrassment.

T.C. kept The Sisters informed of the totals raised, and the expectant prize value as we continued to sell. We sold a grand total of $866 (including a last minute $20 sale by Devin), resulting in a 50/50 prize for the winner of $433.

The cruise company docked after 9 pm, at which time, The Sisters rushed down the dock to hand off the cruise pins that the MassBearz bought as gifts to the patrons. We thanked the patrons as they were leaving, noting that we knew “they had a choice in bears and nuns, so we were grateful they chose the cruise”.

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