Senior Pride Coalition Tea Dance


Greetings Sisters & Supporters,

On Sunday, June 7, The Sisters followed participation in the Boston AIDS Walk with the LGBT Senior Pride Coalition Tea Dance at the Brookline Holiday Inn. In attendance were Sisters Eunice X, Frieda B Fabulous, Gloria LeLuia, KrisTall Mighty, and Sandra Musique, as well as Postulant Grace A’Gawd.

This was our third consecutive year in attendance and we felt very much at home and part of the festivities. We danced and partied with the guests, and importantly sold $555 in raffle tickets. We also held a live auction for a Sister makeover and ended with two beautiful seniors for $100 each. We rounded out the fundraising with a $45 donation from one generous patron to make it an even $800 in funds collected. The money raised pays for the trolley buses rented by the Coalition to assist seniors to participate in the Pride Parade.

After the event we said our goodbyes and returned to the convent. All in all we were well received, and there was much rejoicing.

Author: Webmaster