Nun Report: Vigil for Nex Benedict 02/24

Sr. Alison Chains, Sr. Ima Miracle (incognito), Sr. Br. Freddie Anne Willing, Sr Stella Tension-Hor, Nv. Sr. Betty Esém, and Pst Tess Tosterone gathered with community members to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Nex Benedict, a nonbinary indigenous teen who died following a violent assault at their school in OK. The vigil was organized by Trans Resistance in collaboration with local community groups including the North American Indian Center of Boston, the United American Indians of New England, and the Boston Dyke March. The assembled bore witness to testimonials from Two Spirit elders, a brave transgender teen who fled political persecution from FL, and other BIPOC transgender community leaders. To quote one of the speakers, “It is said that every person dies twice: once when they stop breathing, and once the last time their name is said.” Join us in saying their name: Nex Benedict.

Author: Betty Esem