Point Nun Report: G4G Valentines Card Making Event 01/20

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, Postulants Cheri Tonin, Tessa, Ava, Novice Sister Bette, Sister Torri, Sister Lida, and Sister Rosetta, gathered together at the Arlington Street Church for the Gay 4 Good Valentines card making event, benefiting Friendshipworks.   This was Cheri’s first Postulant event.

Cheri, Tessa and Ava maintained welcome committee at the door for volunteers (make a note, Postulants, Rosie posted you there with intent to give you plenty of face time and opportunity to interact with the community).  They all did smashingly.  Rosie got unsolicited feedback that attendees felt so welcome in the space.

This was the eighth in–person card making event, (one year having made the cards remotely), and we were happy to have lots of volunteers on what was a cold and windy day

Representing G4G was event coordinator Dan, member Art, and event coordinator Ivana.   Representing Friendshipworks was program director Julie and volunteer coordinator Sasha.

We had raffle tickets for door prizes and trivia games of “know your sister“.    We also gave away pride swag donated from Eastern Bank.   During intervals we introduced representatives from Gay 4 Good, and friendship works, as well as to play the “hokey pokey” during a get-up-and-stretch moment.  Tessa made sure we got a group Sisters photo.

This was also the first event in a while that we had all the current postulants in the house together at the same time. The postulants have declared that when there is more than one Sister in the “fancy potato“ it is to be called “potato salad“.   Sisters, mark your lingo books—when you have more than one postulant at an event, you have potato salad.

Card counts rapidly progressed, jumping thru the 100’s, with over 580 cards made!   We tried the organized clean up again that we tested at the holiday card event and we seem to have found the right formula.

After the event, Tessa, Cheri, and Bette de-manifested and slipped away.  Bette had Alley Pets to go set up.    Lida, Rosetta, and Ava, along with a couple friends walked over in the snow to Club Cafe for a dinner, and joined by Torri.  We connected with Harry and others from the Prime Timers, who were having a dinner gathering in the Napoleon Room, and we were also met and joined by more friends of Ava.  We had a joyful large group for dinner and received the hospitality of Club Cafe.

After dinner, some sisters stayed for the burlesque show before heading to Alley Pets, Rosetta demanifested and left with friend to retrieve cars and head out into the lovely winter evening.

Joyous music rang out through the land, and all the denizens cried hazzah!

Author: Betty Esem