Point Nun Report: Bear Week 2022 Bucket Drive

On Tuesday, 7/12, Srs Tori, Lida, Rita, Luvinya, & Rosetta manifested and joined up at the Boatslip tea dance.   After making a “fruit loop” around the deck the Sisters regrouped at the Rose and Crown.

After a few repairs and taking along the collection bucket, the Sisters walked Commercial St from the Rose and Crown, to Town Hall and back, calling for donations for the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown, and the Provincetown Fire Department.

After the bucket drive, we gathered for dinner at Local 186, with some Sisters splitting off to go to Mama Tit’s show at the Red Room.

Total collected in the bucket was $886.72, of which some is going to be run thru so it’s eligible for a matching gift, maximizing the best it can be between what’s already in the pipeline (MFA, and PAAM donations, & the vendor donations from Bear Market), then this bucket drive. 

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing