Point Nun Report: Sister Bingo for the Grants Fund June 15th

On Monday July 13, Sr. Tori D’Affair went to Club Cafe for an extra special Pride Month Bingo with Mizery. Mid-face paint and one drink in, Sr. Tori realized no one else was confirmed to attend. Thankfully, Brother Gary and Sr. Freddie Anne came to the rescue at the last moment to help serve a packed house. Freddie Anne looked particularly fabulous in a magenta dress, and a face that, through sheer coincidence, magically appeared to paint itself throughout the night as if by divine miracle. Club Cafe went out of their way to supply some extra special raffle prizes- an air fryer and digital photo frame; Brother Gary and Freddie Anne hustled on raffle tickets, while Sr. Tori hawked bingo cards.

In attendance were the Pups organized by Pup Sticks, and a big crew of very grateful BPS teachers. A fabulous executive from Liberty Mutual made a particularly large donation, and told us that she’d be reaching out to connect on our social media.

Almost every bingo winner chose to pull a prize from Sr. Tori’s now well stretched, fuzzy pink hole. Sr. Tori even sang Don’t Tell Mama to wrestle the last few dollars from the room, and despite sounding more like a tone deaf electric pencil sharpener than Sally Bowles, the tips tipped our donations over the $1000 mark for the evening. Our community came together to bring in $1,060 for our Sister’s Grants Fund. Sr. Freddie and Sr. Tori had a final celebratory drink, and then vanished into a poof of glitter and cigarette smoke, vaguely in the direction of JP.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing