Point Nun Report- Boston Pride for the People 2024 06/08/2024

On the morning of June 7, 2024, the Boston Sisters manifested to march in the Boston Pride parade. Sr. Tori D’Affair and Postulant Cheri Tonnin were the first arrivals to promenade along the length of the staging area greeting and rousing our fellow marchers- many new friends and many long time supporters- and stopping off for a celebratory Mimosa. They were joined by Sister Rosetta Stone, Sister Stella Tension-Hor, Brother Gary Cruter, Sister Jessa Belle, Novice Sister Ava Cado, and Novice Sister Betty Essem. The Sisters also welcomed our friend Chris of Queeraoke fame, alongside some other good friends and loved ones. The weather was perfect, the crowds were magnificent, and the walk through the South End to the Boston Common was the perfect way to mark Pride Month. Happy Pride!

Author: Betty Esem