Point Nun Report: Gay Bash’d 06/08/2024

Having spent the afternoon recuperating after marching in the Boston Pride Parade, the Sisters left standing manifested and headed to Roadrunner for Gay Bash’d. Sister Lida Christ, Sister Tori D’Affair, Sister Judy B. Good, Sister Jessa Belle, and Sister Freddie Anne Willing, and Novice Sister Ava Cado were in attendance to raise funds for BAGLY. Most of the Sisters connected with the crowd at our table just off of the dance floor, where we were joined by representatives from BAGLY. Sister Lida dazzled the crowd on stage as a cohostess. Following an incredible performance by Detox, Sister Lida called her fellow nuns to assist in blessing the thousands in attendance from the stage. The crowd was generous, giving frequently at the table, as well as stuffing the buckets swung by the Sisters wishing them well at the doors as they began making their way home.. A fabulous night was had by all. Happy Pride!

Author: Betty Esem