Point Nun Report: Dungeons and Drag Nuns 5/21

Gary and Betty met Freddie at her personal convent for joyous getting ready time. It took me a moment to realize how my shoes worked but we got there by 6:30. Some patrons had already arrived and were feasting on the Castle’s fantastic menu.

We met Tony the Program Director at NAGLY, as well as the fantastic drag superstars Juicy Garland and Boston Trophy Wife. We were able to start the show practically on time, selling raffle tickets before and during intermission.

A fantastic time was had by all as our adventurers took a job from the Thaumaturgists by the River in retrieving the powerful lost artifact the Silly Keys of Dancing. One character even stayed conscious the whole time.

People loved the generously donated prizes, including a custom set of Pride dice from Odd Duck.

In the end, everyone had fun, there was a great deal of generosity, and we raised $740 for NAGLY.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing