Point Nun Report: LGBT Asylum Task Force Gala 9/30

Sister Ima Miracle, Brother Gary Cruter, and Novice Sister Betty Esem greeted attendees to the LGBT Asylum Task Force Gala in Worcester’s DCU. After dining with attendees and asylum seekers, they helped encourage bids during the action and donations during the ask portion of the program. Then they were the first on the dance floor to celebrate raising over $50K for LGBT Asylum Task Force!

We were so touched by the testimonials, that Lida, after consulting with me and Ima, made a $300  donation, to be taken from the grants fund. LGBT Asylum Task Force is run by a handful of church leaders, but they are doing amazing work. In their 15 years of operation, they’ve managed to win asylum for each of the 40 asylum seekers who turned up on their doorstep, often speaking little or no English and having a single suitcase of belongings to their name. I hope we can do more to support their continuing work.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing