Point Nun Report: New England Pet and Handler Contest 10/7

Aspirant Calvin, Novice Sister Betty Esem and Sr Ima Miracle made the trek down to the New England Pet and Handler Contest. This was the first year it was held outside NYC and an absolutely incredible  event.

When we arrived we were greeted in the parking lot by a woman and her partner who knew the Sisters from SF and who was taking a street photography course and was thrilled to take a few photos of us. During the course of the night, Sister moments abounded – from pets and handlers *thrilled* and moved by Betty’s manifestation with their pup hood… to reactions to the Blessing, including a man from DC who said that my explanation of us as edge-walkers was the first time he felt he could Belong and will be reaching out to the DC Sisters after we talked more… to the man I stopped to compliment who was so thankful I did because Sisters had attended the funeral of a friend of his and helped him heal and hed been unsure how to come say hi… to the person who just needed to be reassured they belonged and were ok.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing