Point Nun Report: Mass Bears and Cubs Cruise August 7th

On Sunday august 7th, guard Isaiah and Postulant Sarah met up to manifest for a fabulous albeit warm day of harbor cruising with the Mass Bears and Cubs. En route we picked up sister Tori from her abode and made our way to Rowes Wharf, glitter following our every step.

Sister Rosetta Stone met us at the dock and we proceeded to meet and greet all the beautiful attendees! Before long we set sail into the afternoon sun! DJ Stevie Psyclone provided a truly spectacular soundtrack and everyone was having a gay ole time!
Shortly after we set sail, many an inseam were thoroughly measured as we sold raffle tickets for our 50/50 raffle benefiting sister Santa. With the help of some of MBC’s volunteers we raised $850!!! Half the proceeds went to the raffle winner who graciously donated back $325, bringing the total raised for Sister Santa to $725. Hooray!
As the cruise came to a close, many hugs were exchanged, smiles and goodbyes included. It was a truly magical event.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing