Point Nun Report: Sister Bingo for Spoke August 8th

On Monday, August 8th, Sr. Tori D’Affair, Sr. Freddie Anne Willing, Guard Isaiah Prayer, and Postulant Whoremona Flash descended upon Club Cafe for our monthly charity bingo. We were joined by Mizery Mcrae, the pups of Wicked PAH, representatives from the night’s beneficiary SPOKE, and a fully packed house.

The night was awash with excitement from the crowd. Sr. Freddie and Guard Isaiah were bingo card selling machines, and Postulant Whoremona was vital in reading credit card numbers when Sr. Tori’s square was yet again seemingly possessed by the ghost of Phyllis Schlafly. The evening also rounded out our final night of Lady Gaga Concert Ticket raffle sales. We raised a total of $736 for SPOKE, and through raffle sales raised $845 for Sister Santa.

Directly after Sr. Tori and Mizer’s lip syncs, the Sisters asked Michael Dowling of Spoke to speak to the crowd about the work that his organization has done for the community. Much to his surprise, before he was allowed to return to his seat, he was inducted into the Boston pantheon of Saints.

The night continued without a hitch. Sr. Tori’s tight fuzzy pink box was fisted to the point of fissure by the crowd, and yielded an array of new and fabulous prizes. The evening ended on a touching note when a bingo patron sought Sr. Tori out after the girls had de-manifested, and thanked her for an evening the likes of which his sweet little central/southern Illinois soul had never imagined could occur.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing