Queer Carnivale

Ok as promised here is a quick sum up of the event in NoHo

Sister KrisTall, Eunice and myself in attendance spent the day, very chill, in Northampton. I spent the majority of the day getting dunked. Thankfully the face got to real damage from any of that!

Many great Bonds were made that day from all three ends. We all had great conversations with Reverend Tinker who is very interested in interviewing up for the Rainbow times. She is a good soul and is amazing with her teachings. Im not sure what the title is but we got to conect with title holder of Trans new england. Many performers were on stage including Ms. Peppermint herself. A bunch of the lezzies got to flex their muscles and toss their balls at me and tried to get me wet. Only a few succeeded and then proceeded to call the game a fix in true losing fashion. HAHA. Suzanne Seymore and Her partner Danielle are amazing sould and were very happy with our atendance there. THey would be greatly honored to have us help them next year so they can make Queer Carnivale a Total success for years to come.

Sister Eunice and Kristall raised over 300 dollars for the LGBT Coalition of western MA in the raffle sales they solicited. We got a chance to pass out fliers i had made up of “The top 10 ways SLuts and Ho’s Stay Alive” had a few interesting conversations myself in regards to that one. overall the crowd was very accepting of our presence.

WHat was supposed to be a presentation in the youth tent turned into belly dancing and we got a chance to shill out and talk with a few people. Then the same occued in the Zen Zone. We got more opportunites to tell of our experiences, what drew us to this cause and why we do what we do.

On a personal note i felt so completely comfortable being off on my own in this environment. I found myself actively engaging people and having them look a little skeptical at first and after the engagement walking away with a smile on their face. I feel as if i am starting to get the social engagement part of it. I was a little shy and reserved at first and even just knowing that eunice and kristall were of fin the background doing their thing, i felt very good about approaching people. It is very nice to see how people start opening up to you when they see how far out there you are. You almost make them for that split moment in time your brother or sister. I had many telling me about their trials and tribulations of their coming out process or their issues with growing up in certain belief systems. Quite an amazing experience all together.

Thanks to my Sisters Eunice and Kristall for helping with this encounter. It was a great success for the LGBT Coalition and another chance for the sisters to get out into western MA again. Lets hope next year we can have a wall of white face to throw out into the crowd!!!

Author: Webmaster