SEBA Drag Bingo

Sooo the SEBA event was *amazing*. Scott St Cyr owner of Etant was
absolutely lovely and was *hugely* appreciative of our support. I
raised $300 in the first hour doing 50/50 Boots to Balls or Big Boob
raffles.. the winner of the 50/50 walked with $180 and the prizes that
were up for grabs were amazing.

Consuela called balls for the whole night. She started with “Oliver
Clothesoff” the russian lesbian olympic curler.. who was out of boy
clothes, Sue from Bay Windows and 1 in 10 radio. She adored us, and
when we have a website would ~LOVE~ to do a feature piece on us. Also
the Herald was there, and took photo and audio for their website. I
joined Consuela calling balls for the second half of the night.. we
kept the event moving, funny, and engaging.

The crowd loved us. SEBA loved us. The media loved us. The prizes
were fierce and people had a blast.

It was a smaller crowd than SEBA wanted – but they absolutely want us
back for their next event in the spring. They do these quarterly –
and it’s a GREAT way to meet people from all over. I passed out a
few of my cards, so I’m hoping to get some hits back on our facebook
etc. After the event we went to Sister Sorel’s in the South End for a
cocktail and some quick bar ministry and socializing with the SEBA
crew. Met a bunch of people there.. one girl who is flying back to
Australia and several
really cute boys from NYC..

Really wonderful, really fun night.. I’m totally looking fwd to the next one!

Also.. so I can tag the photo correctly.. Consuela.. the two SEBA
Divas – Tiff-Nay Bouffant and what was Cupid’s name again??

Oh.. and we desperately need a Sister Pure L. – comedy cold came
whenever O69 was called out and Cupid kissed anyone with that on their
cards.. and then the victims were told to get to a south end free
clinic and a bath of purel immediately. Having a Sister Pure L. would
just make jokes like that even funnier.

Author: Webmaster