Sister Bingo benefiting Boston’s Children’s Hospital


On Monday, February 16th, Sisters Sandra Musique, Rosetta Stone, Gloria LeLuia, KrisTall Mighty, Lida Christ, Tori D’Affair, Ima Miracle, and Brother Bimbo (from the Edinburgh Sisters) descended upon Club Cafe to join Saint Constance the B-9 to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

This Bingo had been moved because of the blizzard of 2015 and was the first Sister Bingo with new host Mizery. The crowd was not as big as it could have been had there not been snow drifts everywhere but it was a good turnout and Matt, the gentleman running the Boston Marathon on behalf of Children’s Hospital, was there with great prizes and an amazing attitude.

At the end of night we raised $700. Sadly it was our last official night calling Bingo with Constance, but she is welcome to play with the Sisters any time she wants.


Author: Webmaster