Fenway Men’s Dinner Party 2010

Last night, the Boston Sisters manifested as volunteers at the Mens’ Event, a dinner/dance/awards event that benefits the programs at the Fenway Community Health Center.

I was teaching earlier in the day, then headed over to the Commonwealth Convent to nun up with the rest of the evening’s beauties. There were seven of us heading over, Sr. KrisTall Mighty, Sr. Eunice X, N.Sr. Ophelia Titzoff, N.Sr. Busta Nutt, N.Sr. Burly Gaits, N.Sr. Ana deCros, and yers trooly. Sr. KrisTall’s attendance wasnt a sure thing, as a number of days before, he broke a toe! Ouch! Something convinced him he could manage the event, tho he wouldn’t be doing the walking with us. Sr. Eunice allowed me, at my request, the chance to do a brief blessing with the Sisters before heading out, which was a honor. These nuns I’m working with fill me with awe, love, joy, respect–they keep me raised up–I felt privileged to offer a blessing.

Glamourous as usual, we took advantage of a beautiful spring afternoon, and manifested our way up Commonwealth Avenue towards Public Garden, meeting and greeting, talking to those folks interested in knowing about us, handing out some plastic eggs that were filled with candy from Easter weekend.

When we reached Public Garden, we were inundated by lots of interested and enthusiastic folks, with cameras. Some folks were just trying to surreptitiously get a shot, but we would gladly pose, as long as they posed with us! Lots of opportunities existed to progress through an information ministry, and we took as much as we could. Was really heartened to see my peer novices all stepping up to the front and taking turns with the information ministry.

We got to take a great shot @ the Japanese Lantern on the edge of the pond with the weeping willows in spring green garb, and got to look at a flowering tree in full bloom while posing for the many cameras. Two photography students took some formal shots of us, and we hope to see them very soon.

On the way from Public Garden towards the Marriott Copley Place where the Mens’ Event was being held, we came across a good-sized group of people hovering at the corner of Arlington St and Newbury St. Apparently, the working traffic light wasn’t working at all, but just blinking yellow and the traffic was buzzing down Arlington, leaving little opportunity for these folks just to get along with their business. Being the proverbial Bostonian, I took the initiative and marched my way into the traffic. I mean, how COULD you miss ME? I could feel Sr. Eunice’s hair go up , knowing how much she cares about all her Novices. We got all across, tho today I was thinking this could have been done with much more style, possibly having the Sisters act as a crossing guards, or even dancing or twirling our way along the crosswalk.

Once at the Mens Event location, we got to meet up with our volunteer coordinator Caitlin, along with Niamh, who I’ve worked with before with the Imperial Court. The Fenway event and volunteer folks are so much fun to work with–they’re organized, upbeat, and communicative. The Boston Sisters were charged with helping hype the event, working the crowd to encourage viewing and bidding on silent auction items, raffle tickets, formal photo’s, etc.

Before the event started, I got a chance to spend some time with Kate Clinton, who HEAVILY complimented the sisters on their activism, Eddie Sarfaty, who rounded out the comedian entertainment, Tom Yaz, a local fabulous DJ/VJ who puts on a terrific show, and a few other key folks who were hosting tables. I also finished up the basket of eggs filled with candy, getting them out to the volunteers, a few of the bartenders , and some of the table hosts, who needed to be on the main floor early.

Once the patrons arrived, it was a sea of men, wave upon wave of dashing folks in tuxedo’s and finery. Was an off year for kilts, tho, with my having seen just one handsome gent in a bonnie Prince Charlie. The Boston Sisters got to keep up the meet and greet, bring lots of smiles and continue to encourage the patrons to enjoy the evening. Lots of photo’s taken, lots of business cards handed out, lots of extensions of the afternoon’s information ministry. We are still “new” enough to Boston that we will need to continue this portion of our ministry.

While N.Sr. Burly and I were exploring the crowd, we came across Lt. Dan Choi, who was the evening’s recipient of the Congressman Gerry Studds award. I had just seen him a couple weekends back at the Imperial Court of New York’s Night of a Thousand Gowns, albeit in diff’t garb, but got to spend some time talking with him, as well as getting a few photo’s. I got a nice bussing from him, but woops! Left some whiteface on the poor man! Nun droppings! We left him talking to another man who came to the event in his full uniform and medals. So Handsome! So Impressive!

I donated some $ to pay for our sitting fee with the event’s formal photog, who really took to us. He was breaking a sweat, working the camera, keeping us in our poses. Some of the shots he showed us off the camera were absolutely amazing. I’ve been charged to work out the details in getting some photo’s for the order to have for website, et.al.

We also met some amazing volunteers, boys from a local frat, guys who I’ve seen on the volunteer circuit for many years, as well as some new folks. It was great to sit and have a break with them once the crowd was in for their dinner. We got to spend some good communication with a few particular volunteers, the oh so handsome George , Kimberly
As to George, we all took a shine to him quickly. Shameless flirtation, banter, and lint removal were some of what George had to put up with us. That and the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed making him blush–getting him a few shades deeper than his dapper pink vest and tie! Let’s just say his sparkling eyes and winning smile are just a few of his many attractions. We got the big compliment from him by his request to do a formal sitting with the sisters. Sr. KrysTall, and N.Sr. Ana deCros had headed back to the Commonwealth Convent, so there were five of us to pose with George. I gave him a couple of boas to drape himself with, Sr. Eunice perched him on his lap, and we otherwise gave George due for the compliment. I am looking forward to seeing those proofs!

After some dancing, we opted to wind down the nite. The pumpkin coach was coming for this nun, having loosened an eyelash past any kind of repair. N.Sr. Ophelia and N.Sr. Burly took a cab, while Sr. Eunice, N.Sr. Busta and I walked the few blocks back to the Commonwealth Convent. We got a chance to banter with some fratbrats one who called us totally ghetto and another who was completely convinced we were members of a rock group. Not long past them, we ran across some young ladies, and a pair of couples, all of whom were very interested in knowing about the Boston Sisters.

Earlier, I was crabbing about being up at 8 am, but on the way back to the car, I found out from N.Sr. Ana that he didn’t sleep after work at all, meaning he was up from 1:00 am Saturday morning, through his shift, and then to the convent and the event. He wins!

Author: Webmaster