HRC Gala 2010

Good Morning Sisters,

A big thanks to Sr. KrisTall, NSr. Dearest, and Asp. Sondra for their joining me to support the HRC with their annual Gala in Boston.

It was a lovely evening. We faced up at The Convent for a 5:00 PM arrival on the third floor of the Heinz Convention Center. We spent two hours mingling with guests and encouraging them to bid up on the substantial silent auction. Then when the patrons retired to the dining hall, we retired to the street. On Boylston Street we found the young and chipper Rap, who was clanging a bell for the Salvation Army holiday collections, and so we spent nearly an hour posing for pictures in order to encourage people to put $$ into his little red bucket. We closed out the night at Club Cafe, where Sr. KrisTall paid special attention to a soul in need whose 14 year partner had recently experienced a rather unfortunate change of heart.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the meeting on Tuesday!


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