Miss Cho at Provincetown

Hello all,
I wanted to just report back on our midweek trip down to Provincetown. Sadly, we did not get to see the Margaret Cho show, but we did get 10 minutes with Margaret and her crew before the show. She was accompanied by none other than our local Ryan Landry.
I will be posting the pictures tomorrow.
The show was a total sell out, but the Manager of Vixen has extended the offer of helping us any time in the future. We can reach out to him if we would like to plan a fundraiser at his venue. Margaret had asked through her assistant Keri, who is absolutely awesome, if we could fundraise for Marriage Equality of California. So we hit the streets while Margaret performed. We returned to the theater at the end of the show to hit the patrons. Margaret gave us a huge prop about who the Sisters are and the work we do and let them know we were right outside. So we collected and snapped photos for about 2.5 hours and raised about 350.

The tired set of 5 Nuns then headed back to the parking lot to be met with a dead battery. Felicia threw herself on the mercy of a kind soul who gave the Nuns the jump they needed. Rosetta and I deposited the Trio of the most tired and we took a moonlight midnight drive out to the end of PTown and back to charge the car’s batteries and ours. So sweet of her to accompany me. Her kindness and generous spirit just astound me.

Night came on and at least 4 of us rested despite my loud snoring and, apparently, other bodily noises that entertained the others into the wee hours.

We were all back in town by 10 am and back to our secular lives.

IT was a great event to build our reputation in the community. We will most likely be invited to attend Margaret’s show this October 28 and to hit the crowds up here for the same charity. I will keep you all posted.

All in all, it was a good night for all.

Author: Webmaster