Providence Pride 2010

Good Morning Folks,

Last night I was joined by Sr. KrisTall and NSrs. Ophelia, Felicia, and Satya for a manifestation at Providence Pride. NSrs. Ana and Dearest joined us for much of the event as well, as our “under-cover” Sisters.

We had a fabulous time, and our new Novices did exceptionally well with their “trail by fire” first manifestation. They engaged the crowd and were gracious, respectful, and quite photogenic!

We started out from the Convent around 6:30 PM and an hour later found a beautifully placed street parking spot just off the parade route . From the start, we could hardly walk two steps without being asked for multiple photos from passers by. Even during the parade, we attracted so much attention! Imagine what we could have done with 10 Sisters instead of 5! After the parade, NSr. Ana lead us over to the Eagle and that big block party, where we handed out all of the remaining safer-sex packets in our Boston Pride bag. And we met many fabulous people.

My personal opinion is that Providence Pride is more fun than Boston’s, because it is more intimate and “home grown”, as NSr. Satya put it. Sr. Kristall says we should march next year, and I agree.

Much love and respect,



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