Point Nun Report: Dungeons and Drag Nuns 12/22

On Friday night, many a Boston Nun descended on Club Cafe to make merry in honor of Creche’s new community house called Jubilee. Sister Lida Christ, Sister Tori D’Affair, Novice Sister Betty Essem, and Postulant Sister Ava Cado welcomed all guests and sold raffle tickets. Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing and Sister Ima Miracle were joined on stage by Missy Steak, Audrey Hartburn and Reverend Isaac.

The show was great fun, with our four daring bears breaking into Honeycon 2017, stealing a Tex Mex Chex Mix truck, gaslighting beauty queen Bee-yonce, and getting betrayed twice before enacting their grizzly revenge. Get it? Grizzly. It’s a kind of bear.

Everyone had a grand time and we are able to distribute some extra raffle prizes thanks to the generosity of Evil Hat, Anime Boston and Reverend Isaac.

Author: Betty Esem