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Here, we honor those who were once a part of our organization. Some of them transferred to another house and others went on to pursue a different calling in life. They will always be remembered for their service and the changes they made within our community and our hearts.

NvSr Angela Merci

NvSr Busta Nutt

NvSr Consuela Canswallow

NvSr Donna Condom

NvSr Felicia O

NvSr Imogen DeMira

NvSr Penelope Crude

NvSr Rachael Equality

NvSr Satya Pureheart

Pst Agnes Day

Pst Jasmine Ann Liquor

Pst Katya Kizm

Pst Klondyke Barr

Pst Lyv LongNProsper

Pst M. Brace Diversity

Sr Bimea Ferrari

Sr Dearest Caught-in-Headlights

Sr Lola Gaggin

Sr Pure Elle

Sr Teresa Solution

Sr Yonica Phallico

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